The Inventory of Methods for Adaptation to Climate Change (IMACC) Project funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment,Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in cooperation with the Postdam Institute for climate Impact Research (PIK) is a global project that is running from June 2011 until August 2013. The project will hopefully be extended until December 2013. The project is focusing on user-driven application and advancement of existing tools and methods in the field of adaptation to climate change while developing capacities for adaptation planning of involve actors in partner countries. It enables and Intensifies the exchange of South-South climate change adaptation experiences through an International Community of Practice among its seven partner countries: Grenada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines,South Africa, and Tunisia. The Community of Practice also serves as a setting for further development and documentation of an inventory of adaptation methods and tools and their practical application in partner countries. The inventory is focusing on four groups of methods:

1. Climate information and services
2. Vulnerability assessments
3. Mainstreaming adaptation
4. Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting on adaptation (M+E)

The South African part of the project aims at supporting a National Community of Practice and adaptation processes and taking stock of the South Africa methods and experiences with regards to the integration of climate change adaptation in development planning at all levels. The following method briefs are 2 examples of the SA Inventory (the rest will be loaded as available) including examples around climate information and Monitoring and evaluation. The two methods briefs are:

1. The South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas (SARVA) is a platform for global change information transfer from research to policy and decision makers and provides important climate change adaptation.
2. A monitoring and Evaluation (M&E;) Framework used by the Green Choice alliance within Conservation South Africa, to measure the conservation and socio-economic gains of projects that are being implemented using sustainable land use best practice methods and located within the biodiversity hotspots of South Africa.See link to the framework and other tools used by Green Choice: